Multipurpose Round Pot Holder Review #pratipad

When I sign on to do a review, I try to make sure its for a product I can compare and contrast to other products in the same category. So when I saw these neat potholders, I couldn’t pass it up. I mean, who doesn’t use potholders.


I gave one to my daughter and kept one for myself so we could get a better grasp on the pros and cons. I loved the style, that they withstand heat better than my other cloth potholders, and the fact that they worked really well for me. My daughter, on the other hand, had more of an issue getting them to flex and grip onto her pots and pans. I didn’t have that issue. She said she would more likely use them as a trivet or jar opener (which worked wonderfully) than as potholders. She also liked the colors and honeycomb design (she’s partial to that since she’s a beekeeper!).

Overall, everyone is going to have an opinion. She gave them 4 stars and I gave them 5.

*I received this product for free in exchange for an honest review*