RFID Blocking Sleeves Review #BLOCKIT

*I received this product for free for an honest review*

I recently was asked to do a review on some RFID Blocking Sleeves for credit cards through Tomoson. You have probably seen these all over the place these days with all the credit card scamming going on. I was pretty interested in these because my credit card was recently compromised through the internet, which the blocking sleeves can’t help of course, but I still wanted to give it a go.


The BLOCKIT brand has some really unique designs that really pop. The printing is nice and crisp and the colors are vivid. I can’t really tell if they are working at protecting my cards since that stuff is basically invisible, but it’s an added protection I like to think I have. Only issue was that the cards were really snug in the sleeves and they didn’t fit in any of my wallet pockets. This might just be my wallet though, so I can’t judge on that topic for everyone.

If you would like some more info on these RFID sleeves, check them out on Amazon:

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