Steampunk in the Catskills

This weekend there will be a “Steampunk in the Catskills” event on June 5-7 at the Blackthorne Resort. I will be a vendor there on Saturday selling my handmade steampunk style items of jewelry and magnets. (I will have a verity of other styles as well.) It sounds like it will be an exciting event with a High Tea and a Crocquet game on the lawn. Also a haunted house and hot air balloon rides. There will be live entertainment by Frenchy and the Punk, Prof Mark Donnelly, Jeff Mach and Nicole Oliva. There will also be bird watching hikes and horse drawn carriages on the roadway of the resort.

Steampunk is a style of Victorian 1800s meets the mechanical age, where gentlemen wore top hats, mustaches and driving goggles, and women wore corsets, carried parasols and rallied as suffragettes.

Mechanical gears mixed with technology combined with science fiction and fantasy, sometimes on a dark side of the imagination is where you will find Steampunk.

Lady's Hat
Lady’s Hat
Flying Dragon
Flying Dragon
Gentleman Cat
Gentleman Cat

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