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Life & Food Omega-3 Supreme Advantage Review #lifefood

**I received this product for free for evaluation**

When I was approached by Life & Food to see if I would be interested in testing their Omega-3 Supreme supplements I said, “Why not?” I was actually already taking a fish oil omega-3 supplement at the time and figured it couldn’t hurt.


For those interested, here is the break down:

Life & Food (1400mg/ 75% Omega-3s):



Other Omega-3s –70mg


What I liked about this product, besides not having any weird or problematic side effects, is that there are no GMOs, gluten or egg products . If you are simply looking for a fish oil supplement made from USA wild caught Alaskan Pollock, then this is your pill! Which brings me to my next pro, its a MADE IN USA product. Always great to see and support businesses from our own country.

Where to purchase:

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