Chatty Kathy

New Year’s Resolution

January is a cold drab month after the excitement of the holidays. New Year’s Eve, the parties, the shopping, the merriment and the food, all the food. January is a month that most of us would like to just hibernate and relax. It’s not the best time to make ‘New Year’s resolutions’ and expect to stick with them. Maybe it’s the start of a new year but it’s not the start of your new year (unless you were born on Dec. 31st) Give yourself the month of January to settle in before making expectations for the year – changing directions in your life, whether it’s quitting something, starting something or changing something.

Maybe try preparing during January to start February 1st with that resolution. Have a plan and a goal and a time line.

Best of luck to all and HAPPY NEW YEAR.  2015 WILL BE GREAT!!

Let It Go Snowflake
Let It Go Snowflake

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